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Y4: Mr Smart

Art – Recreating Vincent Van Gogh

Year 4 children tried to recreate various different pieces of Vincent Van Gogh’s artwork by using similar techniques and using oil pastels to create bold and bright colours. The techniques included the use of lines to give the impression that the image has depth and could be shimmering in some cases. Well done Year 4!

Non-Chronological Reports - Planet Earth

Today the children of Year 4 began to look at non-fiction reports in the style and model of Planet Earth. The children were asked to focus and try to take facts and pieces of information from the BBC programme about jungle animals and living creatures. The class worked in pairs to share their findings from recording and understanding the information to presenting this back to the class in the style of a report.

Internet Safety

Year 4 studied the importance of staying safe online and the impact it can have when the correct measures are not taken online. The children created posters and messages that displayed some key points about online safety, such as keeping personal information secure and private, making sure that if anything upsets you an adult you trust is informed and also ensuring we don’t spend too much time online during our daily lives.

Rocksteady Music Workshop

Year 4 were treated to a music workshop by Rocksteady! The children were able to try and test different rock instruments and play in a band together in front of their peers. The instruments played were the drums, the keyboard, base guitar, electric guitar and singers on vocals. A brilliant morning treat learning how to play all sorts of instruments.

Mental Health Awareness Afternoon 

On Monday 4th February the children of Year 4 learnt all about why we need to look after our own mental health and why this is important for us. We came up with ways in which we can improve our own mental health so we are the best version of ourselves we can be.

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Learning Together Morning

Year 4’s Learning Together morning allowed parents

and children to learn together in a morning filled with activities and tasks all focused on the water cycle!


The class worked on various elements of the water cycle, such as creating their own cotton clouds and plastic zip wallet water cycles. Parents and children also discovered how much water is used in various countries across the world per person per day as well as completing an interactive oceans, seas and plastic pollution quiz.


Researching the most dangerous expedition locations across the world

Recently, the children of Year 4 have been researching various dangerous locations across the world where expeditions had taken place in the past. The children chose between Drake’s Passage (Antarctica), The Amazon Rainforest, The Sahara Desert or Mount Everest and began to research that location. These included the history and general facts about the area, local wildlife and inhabitants, climate and weather and other expeditions that had taken place throughout that area. The children then presented their work to the class to show what they had learnt and discovered.

James and the Giant Peach

Today, the children of Year 4 explored the film and playscript ‘James and the Giant Peach’. We watched a scene from the film and began to examine, understand and perform part of the movie script that we had been given in groups.


Initially, we looked at how the characters spoke and acted in the film adaptation before then looking at the script and practising our own performance. We then performed the scene to the rest of the class with our own modifications and styles.