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We currently have a vacancy for a Parent Governor at our school. Please note: Unfortunately, parents with children in Nursery only are not eligible to apply for this role.


If you are interested, please complete and return the application below to the school office as soon as possible.

Academy Trust & Governors


Our Governing Body 2019/20


Academy Status

Park Road achieved Academy status in January 2011. Effectively, this means that we are a public independent school.


Academy Trust

There are 3 trust members who are responsible for everything that goes on in school.


Governing Body 

The trust has delegated some powers to the Governing Body. It is the link between the Trust, teaching staff and the local community. It is made up of parent governors elected in a secret ballot by parents, one teacher governor and one non-teaching staff governor elected by the staff and the Headteacher/s. A further three governors are co-opted from the local community, with particular emphasis on local business. 


Governors - Committee Memberships and Meetings Attended 2019/20



Governors - Business Interests 2019/20



The Governors have a general responsibility for determining the policy and effective management of the school, acting within the framework set by national legislation. However, the Headteacher/s control/s the day to day running of the school.


The areas where the Governing Body have responsibility include: school finance, the care and use of the school premises, the appointment of the Headteacher/s and other staff, school hours and holidays, the curriculum, admissions of pupils, discipline and the suspension of pupils from school.


The Governing Body must meet at least once a term. Ultimately, the governors answer to the Trustees and the Department of Education for the running of the school. The Governing Body is part of the school partnership ethos at Park Road which works voluntarily for the good of the school with the interests of the pupils as paramount. 


Should you wish to contact the owners of the school, please send all correspondence to the following address:


Academy Trust

Park Road Academy Primary School

Frieston Road

Timperley, Altrincham
Cheshire, WA14 5AP


Tel: 0161 972 4820