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Park Road

Academy Primary School

Pride, Respect, Achieve, Perform, Succeed

Our Aims & Ethos



Park Road is a purpose-built Academy primary school with eight teaching spaces, a large hall, additional learning areas and two all-weather playgrounds/sports areas.


We have a club room which is a base for Breakfast, After-School and Holiday Extended Services provision.



We take great pride in the school environment and make it a place where children are stimulated to learn. We encourage them to take pride in their work and surroundings and encourage them to share their achievements with others.



As a staff, we attend regular meetings so that we can plan and organise the learning experiences offered to the children and monitor their progress.



We strive to ensure good relationships between all members of the school community.  We aim to create a warm, welcoming, safe environment for visitors and pupils alike.  We place much emphasis on high standards of conduct and achievement by our pupils.  Our school encourages:


  • High moral standards and personal qualities of good character and behaviour.
  • Good personal relationships, a sense of responsibility, teamwork and loyalty.
  • Social awareness, courtesy, consideration for others and sensitivity to one’s surroundings.
  • Respect for other people’s beliefs and culture.
  • Such qualities as inventiveness, curiosity, an elementary knowledge of Health and Safety and the ability to care for oneself.
  • An understanding of how to contribute to and benefit from living in a well organised community.




During your child’s time at Park Road Academy Primary School, we aim to help children be:


  • happy
  • confident
  • co-operative
  • responsible
  • inquisitive and curious
  • sensitive of others and have an understanding of religious and moral values
  • communicative
  • independent
  • self-controlled and well-disciplined
  • willing to learn
  • aware of the environment
  • able to initiate and reflect
  • perceptive, logical and able to solve problems
  • aware of new technology



By the time they transfer to secondary school, our children should be able to:


  • Read fluently and accurately, with understanding, discrimination and enjoyment.
  • Speak and write clearly and confidently.
  • Use mathematical skills and ideas in everyday situations.
  • Know where to look for information and how to record findings.
  • Understand how technology can be used.
  • Work independently or in a team, to find things out, interpret and solve problems.
  • Use a range of creative arts and crafts as a means of expression.
  • Possess enough skill, strength and mobility to take part confidently in a range of physical activities.
  • Show an awareness of local geographical and social influences, and of other times, places and cultures.