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Pupil Voice

What do our pupils think of History at Park Road? 

" I like it because you get to learn about different things in the past that aren't here anymore." (Year 1)   

"I like to learn about things in the past I didn't know about." "I loved it when Grandparents came in and they brought their toys for us to play. They aren't like our toys now. They told us about their school dinners too." (Year 1) 

"I really like learning about how things have evolved from Ancient Egypt to now." (Year 4)

"It's my favourite subject because it gives you information about the past before you look at the future." (Year 4)  

"I like how interesting it is" "I liked Victorian inventions because it's the start of the Christmas tree and Christmas cards too" (Year 2)

"I like History because I find out about the past and famous people. I really liked learning about Florence Nightingale." (Year 2) 

“I do enjoy history. I find it fun. We do a range of periods of history and we learn it in an interesting way.”

“My favourite question has been the monarchy.”  “The most interesting thing I learnt about was the monarch of our choice.” “I chose Elizabeth I” “She accomplished multiple things and secured her rule in a time when British monarchy was unstable. She also learnt multiple languages and only died of natural causes instead of a sickness or rebellion like some of her relatives.” (Year 6) 

“I like it because you get to learn about different times.”

“I think I liked when we learnt about the stone age the best because you got to learn about the start and how they made tools out of rocks and that was fun.” “We had a stone age day and we got to see the different rocks and how they were used.” “We cooked our own fish. We put it over a fire. It was amazing.” (Year 5)

“I have learnt about the Ancient Greeks.” “We learnt about the gods and we also did some research about them.” “One of the things I found out was that Hades was the king of the underworld and that Zeus is the king of the gods.” “Hercules had tasks to do to become a god.”  (Year 4)

“I like to look at the past.” “We can look at the past and then see what the future might be like”. (Year 3) 

"In year 1 we were looking at our grandma’s and grandpa’s toys and how they developed.” (year 3)