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Reception 16/17

Welcome to Reception


We hope you like our class page. We have been working very hard to show you what it's like to be in Reception.

Chester Zoo
We have ended our year with a trip to Chester Zoo to explore the different animals and finish our animal topic. We looked at the weather and together decided what we needed to wear. We were very lucky as it was dry!


We looked at the map of the zoo and voted for which animals we wanted to see the most, then planned our route around this.


We were very excited to get on the coach. It was a first time for many of us! We sat with our Zoo Buddies and chatted the whole way there. First, we saw the rhinos, elephants, monkeys and giraffes and then we walked around the Butterfly Pavilion. We stopped for lunch with some mischievous ducks before heading to the bat cave! Some of us were a little scared of the bat cave at first, but many conquered fears and were mesmerised by the bats’ habitat.


We had a really busy, fun-filled day and by home time we were ready for a snooze on the coach!


We have started learning all about growth this half term. Our outdoor area is in full bloom and we are really enjoying spending time outside. We have been looking for signs of spring and exploring the change in the seasons whilst hunting for minibeasts. Our class caterpillars are growing fast and soon they will begin their metamorphosis. We have used the iPads to mirror the camera onto the interactive whiteboard so we can really see exactly what our caterpillars are up to. It is very exciting!


We are beginning to learn about money in Mathematics and have even opened our very own shops! Our flower shop role-play area is helping us to recognise coins as well as add quantities. We have also opened a 10p shop, where you HAVE to spend 10p – we have found lots of different ways of doing this.


In our P.E lessons, we have made great use of the lovely weather and had a mini sports day outside practising our ball skills and gross motor movements.

World Book day

We have been learning all about the 1990s in class and for World Book day we chose to dress up as 1990’s book characters! We had a great time sharing our books and listening to 90s music.


In maths, we have been learning how to write 1-digit number sentences using the plus and equals symbol and remembering to form our numbers correctly.

We have really enjoyed reading and acting out Oliver Jeffers’ story ‘Lost and Found’. Whilst learning all about penguins and the South Pole, we wrote our own list of items we would pack into our boat if we were to go on a long journey like the boy and the penguin in the story. We used a world map to decide how the boy and the penguin might travel back to the South Pole. We drew a line from England down to the South Pole and talked about where we would stop off along the way. We ‘googled’ the countries we passed through and listened to some native music whilst looking at traditional foods and images of each country.


​We have been learning about length, weight and height in Reception. We have enjoyed using non-standard units to measure various objects.


We are thoroughly enjoying our Winter topic! We have become ice investigators and explored which methods melt ice the fastest. We had a big discussion about the methods we were going to use and predicted that the hot water would melt the ice the quickest because ‘the sun is hot and that melts ice outside’. We tested our theory and found that we were correct! The hot water melted the ice the quickest, followed by the salt.


In Literacy we have been using our Phase 3 sounds and topic word mats to write short captions and begin writing sentences. We have also been writing rhyming words using the Smart Chutes.

Winter is coming…

We have spotted the signs of winter in our outdoor area and have explored the effects the cold weather has on our learning environment.


Our classroom is now very festive, we have enjoyed looking at Christmas books, writing Christmas cards, wrapping presents and completing lots of Christmas crafts!


In Maths we have been learning about, and using, positional language. We have worked with our learning buddies to move a chosen toy and talk about its position in the classroom. We have also used the laptops to play a positional language game!

Christmas Production

December has been a busy month already in Reception! We have rehearsed for our wonderful show ‘Christmas Eve in the Toy Shop’ non-stop, the final performances were amazing! Everyone worked really hard and we all really enjoyed wearing our costumes.

‘My favourite part was singing the songs’ KC

‘I liked it when all of the grown ups clapped at the end’ MW

‘I liked being with Nursery, all together’ AO

Letter writing

We received a very exciting letter from Polly (one of the characters  in our book)! The postman delivered it to us by mistake! We each wrote our own letters to reply to Polly and we researched how the letter would get to her. For homework, we wrote letters to Miss Fenner and Mrs Child. We had to write the school address and post the letter in the post-box. It was very exciting when our letters began arriving at school!

Stay & Play

We recently held another successful Stay & Play day in Reception. We invited parents to come in and play with us. We loved showing them around our different learning areas and reading stories together!

Remembrance Day

We have all learnt about Remembrance Day and why people wear poppies to show their respect. We made our own poppy pictures for the school display and we used clay to make our own medals – just like the soldiers received after the war

November 2016

We have been really busy in Reception this half term! We have been learning all about Bonfire Night and how to stay safe around fire and fireworks. We made some wonderful firework pictures and firework biscuits – they were yummy!


We also had a very special visit before Bonfire Night. The firemen came to talk to us about fire safety. They showed us their fire engine and we were even allowed to spray the hose. It was very exciting!


October 2016

To end what has a been a wonderful first half term, we went to the local park to explore the signs of Autumn. We talked about the seasons and how they affect our environment and discussed the changes we have already seen. We then went to the park to explore and shared our experiences with our talking buddies.

‘I can see lots of brown leaves and red and orange.’

‘Listen to the leaves crunching’

‘Look, there are still some leaves on the trees.’

September 2016

We have settled into our new classroom really well! We have been exploring our indoor and outdoor learning environments and using all of our exciting resources. We have played lots of ‘getting to know you’ games, learning each others names and talking about all of the things we like and dislike. We have created a list of class rules together and we are doing a great job at remembering them.

We have taken the Nursery to Reception transition in our stride and are very settled in our new year group