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Y1: Miss Fenner

We have been painting seasonal pictures using water colours. Do you like our spring trees?

We have also been making fact files for the animals that you might find in your local park 🦔

Finding Quarters

In maths we have been learning about fractions. We have been finding quarter of shapes and quantities.

Science - Jack and the Baked Beanstalk!

'Why would Jack find Newton Park an interesting place to be?'

We took a trip to our local park and looked for all of the things that Jack might find interesting there. We wrote a list of all of the exciting things we could see and also talked about the areas in the park that we enjoy exploring at the weekend 😁

Jack sent us some magic beans! We had a discussion about if we had ever planted beans or seeds before and it turns out that many of us are planting experts! We shared our knowledge, discussing what we had planted before and what out beans would need to grow.

We planted our beans and we cannot wait to see their growth 🌿

'How can we attract more birds to our school/local area?'

We have been learning all about different birds and how to identify them and now we are excited to attract more to our school. We have made our own bird feeders and we are ready to hang them up ready for our feathery visitors.

Exploring Capacity

A glance at life in Year 1 so far...

On World Mental Health Day we took some time to think about what makes us happy. We drew pictures in our mindfulness journal of the people/things that make us happy. We also discussed the importance of mental health and how our emotions change in different situations. We talked about different times when we have felt sad/angry and thought about how we manage these feelings. We also thought about how to look for these emotions in others.


Mental Health Day

Would The Beatles have won the X Factor?

We have been researching The Beatles in our History lessons, to answer the question 'Would The Beatles have won the X Factor?'. We have listened to their most popular songs and enjoyed having a dance. We definitely think that they would have won the singing contest! We have also researched other famous bands from the past by questioning our parents and grandparents. Some of the most popular ones were; The Spice Girls, Queen, Elton John, Oasis and Take That. We have really enjoyed listening to the different styles of music.

We love learning outside!

Alfie's Way

We have been using the story 'Alfie's Way' to support our learning in PSHE this half term. Our Jigsaw focus is 'Celebrating Differences' and we have been using this lovely story to help us think about how we are all different. We really enjoyed hearing the story of Alfie bear and his family, and we were so lucky to hear the story being read by the actual author! We have been drawing our self portraits and talking about how we look different to one another. We have also been discussing how our personalities, abilities and interests are all different and we have been celebrating how this makes us special in our own way.