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Y1: Miss Fenner


We have been enjoying the Spring sun during our outdoor PE lessons. We have practised our balancing skills and ball skills – it has been so much fun!


In maths, we have been learning how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have been using coins to solve problems and purchase items from The Potion Shop.


We have been learning about PSHE with our new class mascot Jigsaw Jack! He keeps us calm and helps us think about ourselves and others. We have been learning about keeping healthy, looking after our minds and out bodies. 

Handa’s Surprise

We thoroughly enjoyed reading the story of Handa’s Surprise, we acted out the story using props and masks and we drew our own story map. We then wrote a detailed retell of the story ourselves using adjectives to make our story really interesting.


We have been learning about everyday materials in Science. We have used new scientific language to describe objects in and around the classroom: transparent, opaque, bendy, hard, flexible, smooth, rough.


We have been using the laptops to learn how to type and edit text. We are enjoying using Word to publish our fabulous English work. We have also been coding using ScratchJr. We have loved creating our own characters and moving them across the screen.

Clowning around

We have been clowning around in Year 1! We have loved learning about the circus! We have been inspired by our favourite musical The Greatest Showman and we have written our own poems about a funny clown.


The Gingerbread Man

This week, we have been reading the story of The Gingerbread Man. We had our own mini (and yummy) gingerbread men to help us retell the story with our learning partner. We particularly enjoyed playing the part of the fox because at the end we were able to EAT our gingerbread men!


The children have produced some fantastic pieces of writing, focusing on character thought bubbles and character descriptions and creating 'LOST' gingerbread men posters. 

Wonderful Weather

In Geography, we have started our topic 'Wonderful Weather' โ˜€๏ธ๐ŸŒคโ›ˆ๐ŸŒงโ„๏ธ


We have recorded our own weather forecasts, predicted the weather and discussed what we would pack for holidays in hot and cold climates. We are moving on to learning all about the seasons and how the change in weather impacts our outdoor environment.



We have been exploring place value in maths, using tens and ones to problem solve and represent numbers.



Autumn term complete!

It has been a very busy first term in Year One!


In our Maths lessons this year, we have been completing addition and subtraction sums. We have also been using number bonds to 10 to help us problem solve and find answers.

We had a special visitor...A tiger came to tea!


While we were busy in assembly, a tiger came into our classroom and left us a tea party! We found this very exciting and enjoyed writing about it in our English lessons. We hope the tiger comes back to see us!

In our History lessons we have been learning all about The Gunpowder Plot. Together, we created and performed an information filled assembly for the whole school and our families. 


KS1 performed an excellent Christmas Performance this year - ‘Tinsel and Tea-Towels’. Children, staff and parents were so proud of the performers, it certainly was a show to remember! Well done!

Hot Chocolate instructions!


In English we have read the story of ‘Peace at Last’. We used the information on the front and the back of the book to discuss what the story might be about:

"It might be about a brother and sister bear"

"I think they are trying to get to sleep but something is keeping them awake."


We then read the story, creating our own sound effects for the noisy parts! Next, we worked in groups to sequence the story using pictures. We then worked in groups of three the act the story out before performing our stories to each other. Finally, we wrote about the story, using neat handwriting and the three sentence rules.


Our first few weeks in Year 1 have been fantastic!


Together, we wrote our own recipe for a great year in Year 1. First, we found out what the word ‘recipe’ means and we baked our own yummy fairy cakes. Then we decided what important ‘ingredients’ we would need in order to have a great year together.


We have loved exploring our new classroom, the children feel very grown up sitting at tables and writing in exercise books! We have been using the maths equipment to; explore numbers to 100, count forwards and backwards, count in 2s and 10s and number bonds to 10 and 20.