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Y2: Mrs Sidwell

What is my Sports Factor?

Year 2 explored the question 'What is my Sports Factor?' Mrs Sidwell was overwhelmed with the amount of talents and skills Year 2 had! After showcasing their ‘Sports Factor’, the children wrote down which muscles they needed to complete their activity. They also discussed why it is important to be flexible and strong.

What would Dora the Explorer find exciting about Altrincham?

We visited our local town of Altrincham to see all of the human geographical features, and discussed what we think Dora the Explorer would find exciting about the local amenities available. The trip began with a film at Vue Cinema, where we enjoyed our lunch before heading out to see everything Altrincham had to offer.


We used our geographical knowledge to navigate our way from the cinema, through Goose Green, past the new hospital and towards Altrincham markets before finishing our trip with a story at the library! As a class, we decided that Dora would really enjoy a visit to Altrincham. We certainly did!


When we got back to school we did our own Trip Advisor Reviews as well as writing to Dora to tell her all about what Altrincham has to offer.

What was it like when the Queen came to throne in 1953?

For this topic, we explored what life was like in 1953, including the fashion and the price of food. We also researched what the Queen’s role is, what events have happened during her reign and what happened during her coronation. 


We showcased everything we had learnt in our History lessons and celebrated British Values in our class assembly alongside some very catchy songs by famous British bands.

How will 5-a-day help keep my healthy?

Year 2 had a surprise parcel from Handa! She left a basket of fruit. This sparked our key question ‘How will 5 a day help me keep healthy?’ We then practised using charcoal to shade before sketching the fruit.