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Y2: Mrs Sidwell

St George's Day

 Year 2 learnt all about the legend of St George and how he defeated the dragon. We then compared it to what the truth was likely to be. We enjoyed making England flags featuring our own dragons. 

How old are the trees around us?

To work out how old the trees are on our school grounds, we measure their diameters.

Welcome to our Year 2 classroom! We are extremely proud of our classroom which has all of our work displayed. Here is a sneak peek of what our classroom looks like including some of things which we have been up to. We hope you like it!




What will Dora the Explorer find exciting about Altrincham?

Altrincham Trip Advisor Review

We researched where Altrincham is located using Google Maps and what amenities Altrincham has to offer. Some children also visited Altrincham as part of their homework. Once we had collected some descriptive vocabulary in English, we wrote our very own review about Altrincham.

How could Dora find our school?

Where could I take Dora in the UK? (Map Skills)

Drawing sketch maps of our local area.

Creating paintings of buildings in Altrincham.

Black History Month

Year 2 learnt about the reasons why we celebrate Black History Month in October. We also learnt about achievements of black men and women in the past and today. We discussed the impact that these individuals had on society and which famous black person was our role model. We then made a poster about our favourite role model.

Year 2 have been thinking about mental health in PSHE this week.



Charcoal Peppers


Take a look at our amazing artwork. We used charcoal to create different shades when sketching a cross section of a pepper. We were inspired by the artists Braque, Class and Kalf.

Self Portraits