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Y2: Mrs Sidwell


Learning Together Morning

Year 2 loved sharing what they were learning in class during their Learning together morning. Thank you to all parents and grandparents who came. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Science: We had lots of messy fun getting our hands covered in glitter to show how easily germs spread, and to see which hand washing technique is the best way of removing all of the germs. 

Maths: We loved making making ‘Moon Rocks’ by following the instructions on the recipe. First we put our maths skills into practice by carefully measuring out all the ingredients by using the scales and the measuring jug. Then we mixed all of the ingredients together including the black food dye (just to make our scones a little more moon like!) Finally, we baked them and planted the American flag like Neil Armstrong did when he landed on the moon! 

Reading: this term we have been reading ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Drew Daywait. We read our favourite Crayon’s letter to Duncan with our parents and then created the crayon holding a banner which had their complaints written on it.

Health & Exercise

In our Science topic, Animals including humans, Year 2 have been learning about being healthy. We learnt about healthy eating and exercise, including why it is so important to exercise. After discussing the effects that exercise has on the body, we planned 5 exercises we could do for 1 minute during our P.E. lesson. Then we recorded how each of them made us feel and the effects that the exercise had on our bodies. 


Year 2 have been preparing themselves for Turtle logo and Scratch by practising using directional language on the playground. They have commanded each other to move forwards, backwards, left and right. This will help children to write simple codes next half term. 


Snow day!

We had lots of fun this week with all the wintry weather we've had. We spent some time outside building snowmen and working together to roll huge snow balls!


We also produced some artwork using chalk on black paper. We were really proud of the final products!

The Stormy Sea

Recently, we have completed some cross-curricular work around the setting of a stormy sea. We have been writing our own descriptions using expanded noun phrases to include lots of powerful adjectives.

We have also been working in our sketchbooks bringing our descriptions to life using oil pastels.


Indoor P.E.

This half term in P.E., we have been practising our dancing skills. We have been putting together our own routines and showing off some of our gymnastics skills.

Knowsley Safari Park

We had a fabulous time on our class trip to Knowsley Safari Park. We learnt all about different animals and their habitats. We focussed on Kenya and all the different animals that are found there, including lions, zebras and elephants. We also learnt about meerkats and what they do to survive, and got to feel what a giraffe's tongue is like!


During our habitats workshop, we even got to hold stick insects and snails! Afterwards, we watched a sea lion show while eating our lunch. One of the favourite parts of the day was the birds of prey show as we got up close to the birds as they swooped over our heads.

Festive Reading Morning

Year 2 loved sharing our reading skills with their families on our Festive Reading morning. We shared our favourite Christmas stories and enjoyed a little mince pie or two in the process!


We also created some amazing Christmas crafts. We hope you enjoyed the morning as much as we did. Thank you to all who attended and we look forward to more shared activities in the future.

Elf on a Shelf

Year 2 have enjoyed having a mischievous visitor this month: an Elf on a shelf! We have loved coming in to school every day to find out what our naughty little elf has been up to overnight and writing an elf report for our Daily Activities.


In PSHE, we have been discussing kindness and how a random act of kindness can brighten up somebody's day. We all got given a 'Random Act of Kindness' card to give to somebody who we chose to share our kindness with. We wanted to spread Year 2's kindness and see how far it went. Our kindness was given to our elf friend who then paid it forward to Old Man Ed by reading him a story.


Insidious Instructions!

As part of our English unit, we planned and wrote instructions to make some perfectly petrifying pancakes! We really enjoyed having the opportunity to make our own revolting recipes!


Have a look at some examples of our recipes below!



In our Maths lessons so far this year, we have been learning about place value, including hundreds, tens and units. We have been using objects as visual representations for numbers up to 1000!



Chomp the Greedy Crocodile

We have been learning how to compare numbers with 'Chomp', the greedy crocodile. We learnt that Chomp always eats the bigger number! We have also been ordering number from smallest to largest and vice versa.

Letters from the trenches

After watching the 'Image Theatre' production, we put ourselves in the roles of 'Harry' (a frontline soldier in 1914). We wrote letters home from the trenches to our beloved Vera using descriptive language. We also covered how to use question marks correctly to punctuate a question.