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Y3: Miss Lee

World Book Day

During the afternoon of World Book Day, the children were able to go and read some of the books available in Nursery, with the Nursery children. The class enjoyed reading aloud, using expression and showing younger children how reading can be fun and something to be enjoyed of all ages. The costumes also added to the excitement of the day with the class making a brilliant effort!


In Year Three this half-term the children have been lucky enough to receive additional gymnastics lessons with Miss Misha. The children have worked hard on their ability to balance, stretch and use various forms of their body to perform handstands, cartwheels, crabs and lots of other floor routine positions.

How can we re-discover the wonders of Ancient Egypt?

Our Year Three class have recently been learning all about the wonders of the ancient civilisation of Egypt during the period of time in history 3100 BC – 30 BC. The children have looked at what life was like for Egyptians living during this time, how the pyramids are believed to have come about or be created and their purpose. Year Three have also worked on letter writing with particular focus on a time capsule piece that asks questions about the modern world as if they were Ancient Egyptian citizens themselves! The class have even done some additional work on the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, finding out who they were, how they were selected and what their ruling of society was like.