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Y4: Mrs Harrison

Adventure Stories

During our unit of work based on the big question ‘Will we ever see the water we drink again?’, we imagined we were raindrops, and wrote some exciting stories based on our adventures through the water cycle. Why don’t you ask us about the different stages? We are experts now! Here are some of our published pieces … 

Calendar Artwork 

As we enjoyed the Lion King so much during the LKS2 production, Mrs Harrison decided to have a lion theme for our calendars this year. Don’t the collages look effective? We are a creative bunch in Year 4! 

Roman Workshops

We kick started our next topic (Why were the Romans so powerful and what have we learnt from them?) with a bang, by inviting Tony from Time Trips in to deliver some Roman workshops.


During the workshops, we began by looking at Roman towns and even made our very own one as a team!  We studied various types of Roman buildings which were built in Britain and which can be seen today, such as amphitheatres, theatres, Roman baths, temples and Basilicas. Doesn’t our Roman town look AMAZING!


Year 4 showed great teamwork when making it, supporting each other with cutting, scoring and sticking.

Next, we did a metal art activity, creating coins decorated in Roman and Celtic patterns, animals and people. Don’t they look great?We can’t wait to learn lots more about the Romans during this unit of work!

Will we ever see the water we drink again?

Year 4 have had an action packed morning this morning, carrying out a carousel of fun activities linked to The Water Cycle and our big question – Will we ever see the water we drink again?


We’ve made clouds in a jar, water cycles in a bag and mini water worlds, as well as rain makers during our hook lesson last week. It was great to hear the children using scientific vocabulary as we were working, such as evaporation and condensation.


Our next job is to complete our adventure stories about the journey of a raindrop. Watch this space! 

Living Things and their Habitats


Our first question for the Autumn Term has been ‘What animals thrive in our local area?’. We have thoroughly enjoyed this topic and becoming animal kingdom experts. Some of us have been walking encyclopaedias! We started the unit by exploring habitats in our school grounds. We have learnt how to group organisms such as mammals, invertebrates and insects; to classify and identify animals and British plants; the positive and negative effects humans have on habitats and all about endangered animals. We have produced some fantastic pieces of work and to end the topic, put on an amazing class assembly all about living things and their habitats. We are excited to make a start on our next question – Will we ever see the water we drink again? We’re sure it’ll be just as fun!