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Y5: Mr Wood

Debt Aware Money Mentors

As part of the Debt Aware programme, our Money Mentors need to teach a lesson or two. They have stretched the understanding of the class, ahead of Mr Souter’s next visit.

Apprentice Challenge

Our yearly visit to the Apprentice Challenge has occurred, with Lord Sugar – Mr Shaw hosting. So nice to see some of our former pupils who helped out. The children worked well in teams, manufacturing many items, and they have definitely been the best at making the Meccano models.

Helen Sharman

We were invited to hear Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space, talk about her experiences. The children were very interested by what they heard, so much so that some were determined to ask further questions.


We have experienced a short cycle of gymnastics to boost our knowledge about our bodies and the skills required to compete in a competition. The photos show flexibility and cartwheel skills.

Debt Aware
Year 5 (and 6) are having the opportunity to apply their Maths skills to real world situations. By examining the concept of debt, we hope to make our children more informed about money management and other financial issues.