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Y5: Mr Wood

The Money Mentors - Robin, Naomi, Blythe and Haoshen, taught the class more about money management. The children completed a number of follow up activities about needs and wants, in advence of Mr Souter returning before the summer break.



Learning about how to start thinking about money management with Mr B Souter and the DebtAware programme.

Red Nose Day

On Friday 19th March, we wore our wackiest clothes to support Red Nose Day. We enjoyed telling our favourite jokes and competing for the Funniest Comedian Award, which helped to raise £428 for Comic Relief. 


Year 5 were given the opportunity to participate in a live broadcast from the UK Parliament.


On Friday 12th March, we learned about what Parliament is and how it works. We also learned the difference between the House of Commons and the House of Lords. We discussed our local MP, Sir Graham Brady and his job in the Conservative Party.











Year 5 really enjoyed the interactive parts of the virtual Christmas pantomime.


The snack bags provided by the PTA definitely helped! Many thanks from Year 5.



Christmas calendars


We took a break from the Y5 production, to start creating our calendars in the style of Matisse.


We hope you will enjoy the design all year.



Some examples of the finished products will follow.

Some of the finished calendars, with their artists.

Mental Health ChampionsOn the 23rd November, Year 5 completed a morning of on-line training to allow them to help themselves and others in the area of Mental Health and Wellbeing. This is Poppy's reflection of the session.


We learned a lot about Mental Health and why it is important, as your mental health can change - you might feel very sad and then feel very happy.

Apparently 9-10 year olds are supposed to have 9-11 hours sleep. 

People can help you to improve your mental health. We completed some booklets and activities. We worked in pairs, trying out different methods that would support positive mental health.


Poppy, Blythe and Tom are going to be the Mental Health Champions for the class. Congratulations to them.

In future weeks, the Year 5s will have further opportunities to improve strategies and discover other ways to boost their mental wellbeing.

COMING SOON - Video auditions for the Three Witches in Macbeth