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Y6: Mr Sidwell

Español - El tiempo // The weather

In our Spanish lessons recently, we have been learning how to talk about different types of weather in Spanish.


We have been using our new vocabulary to produce information posters.



We are also using our new classroom display to monitor the weather and reinforce our learning on a daily basis.


What would a journey through your body look like?

Our new Science topic is based around the new key question above. We are going to be finding out more about the circulatory system, building upon our prior learning of other bodily systems, such as the digestive system and the skeletal system.

Our first topic in Year 6 has been based around the question: "I'm a Year 6 pupil. Can you get me out of here?". We have been learning about our local area, starting very close to home by carrying out some fieldwork in our school grounds.


We drew and labelled our own maps of the school grounds, including all internal rooms and outhouses. We have also been studying maps of Timperley and using them to learn about OS map symbols and calculating 4 and 6-figure grid references.


We have also been looking at some of the street art found in different parts of Manchester, including graffiti and 'Manchester Bee'-inspired art. We were able to produce some of our own street art, taking inspiration from a variety of different artists.

Watercolour Paintings of our School

As part of our fieldwork and observation work, we went out into the school grounds and took a picture that we were to recreate using watercolours. We were really pleased with our final pieces!