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Year 1: Miss Fenner

Welcome to our Year 1 webpage 👋

We are looking forward to filling this page with lots of photos of our learning time in Year 1. Keep heading back here for frequent updates to find out more about what we have been doing in class 😁

Meet Jigsaw Jack 😁

We love talking to Jigsaw Jack during our Jigsaw PSHCE lessons. We enjoy our mindfulness time to start the lesson and calm our minds, before thinking about each week's puzzle piece. This half term we are thinking about 'Being Me in My World'. We have been learning about ourselves, our safe places and our roles and responsibilities.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea



Our year started with a visit from a tiger! A tiger came into our classroom and left us a story to enjoy. The story was 'The Tiger Who Came to Tea' by Judith Kerr. We used this story to inspire our Science research 'Why are humans not like tigers?' 🐯 We enjoyed a tiger tea party, tiger art work, learning about body parts, identifying wild animals and classifying them and we even thought about what life is like as a zookeeper. 


We are thrilled to be using the laptops for our computing lessons. We are learning how to turn the laptops on and off correctly, and how to navigate around the desktop using the trackpad. We are able to open icons, type on Word and we can also save our work. It's been a busy start to the year!

Why Can't the meerkat live in the North or South Pole?

We have loved learning about the Kalahari Desert and the North and South Poles 🐧🌎

Take a look at our hot and cold colour artwork inspired by Robin Mead 🖌🎨

Would The Beatles have won the X Factor?

We were so excited to start History unit this half term! We started the unit by researching British music artists who our parents and grandparents enjoyed listening to when they were younger. Here's some of the most popular ones...

We really enjoyed listening to music from the past and some songs have become our favourites to listen to! We loved learning about vinyls and CD's and we feel very lucky that we can now play any song we like just by clicking a button. 

In our English lesson, we chose our favourite song by The Beatles and wrote a detailed song review about it. We used the word 'because' to extend our sentences. Take a look at our song reviews below...

Learning about shapes in Maths

We have been learning about 2D and 3D shapes during our geometry unit this half term. We recycled some 'junk' from home and turned it into masterpieces! We then shared our creations with the class, naming the shapes and discussing their properties. We made a variety of creations such as; submarines, robots, jewellery boxes, car launchers and rockets 🚀 

Transient Art


As part of our Geography topic, we have been learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He is an environmentalist from Cheshire and he uses natural resources to great his artwork and sculptures. We found our own natural resources and used them to make our own pieces of art 😃

We have loved learning about the weather in Geography. We have kept records of the changing temperatures as well as the different weather we have experienced. We enjoyed making up our own weather reports to perform for our class.

Lila and the Secret of Rain


We have been inspired by the story of 'Lila and the Secret of Rain' in our English lessons. Lila lives in a Kenyan village where they are suffering from a drought...but Lila knows the secret of rain 🤫


We have rewritten the story and created our own front covers for our published pieces. Take a look below...

The Three Little Pigs

We have really enjoyed revisiting the traditional tale 'The Three Little Pigs'. We have been reading the story and we have compared the various endings that we have heard before. We were keen to explore the materials that The Three Little Pigs chose to use to build their houses, and we all agreed that bricks are the strongest option. We used brick-like materials to explore how bricks were joined together. We staggered our 'bricks' and used butter and icing sugar to act like mortar, holding our 'brick' walls together.

History - Why are iPads more fun than my grandparents old toys?


We absolutely loved inviting our grandparents into school for and afternoon of fun and games! They came in to play our favourite iPad games and we also showed off our coding skills on the laptops. Most importantly, we interviewed our grandparents before they went home. We asked them all about their childhood, their favourite toys and also their schooling. Here's what we found out;

'When I was younger, I liked to play two ball and marbles'

'The teachers used chalkboards in school'

'We had milk everyday in school, every child did no matter how old they were'

'I liked to play with my Sindy doll'

'We didn't have much to watch on TV when I was younger'

How can we grow our own salad?

In Science we are learning about plants and growth. To start the topic, we have planted our own seeds and kept them in the poly tunnel. We are looking forward to taking care of our seeds and watching them grown as the weeks pass.

Year 1 Long Term Overview 2021/22