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Year 2 16/17

Welcome to Year 2


We hope you like our class page. We have been working very hard to show you what it's like to be in Year 2.

Moving on up!

Year 2 loved performing our own version of a traditional story, Jess and the Beanstalk. We also reflected on our Science learning about animals including humans. As we are nearly moving up to Juniors, we reflected on some of our favourite memories of school so far. We also thought about what we are looking forward to in the Juniors. Year 3, here we come!


Growing Plants

Year 2 loved planting sunflower seeds as part of our project about Growing Plants! We have looked at different types of seeds, and thought about all the seeds that we eat, such as poppy seeds on bread, rice and sunflower seeds as a snack. We are looking forward to watching our seeds grow and making sure that we give them the very best conditions to let them grow.



Quarry Bank Mill

We loved our trip to Quarry Bank Mill. We dressed up as apprentices for the day, so that we could really experience what life was like for children who lived and worked in the Mill. We started with a tour of the Mill. The machines were so noisy! Then we went to the Apprentice’s House, where we found out what lessons were like for children in Victorian times, and saw where they slept. We even did some of their chores, like emptying the potty!



Year 2 had a combined art and maths lesson about symmetry. We used lego, pin boards, collage techniques and paint. After exploring our ideas, we made some beautiful symmetrical pictures and patterns.

Presentation Skills

This term, Year 2 have been learning about presentation skills and how information can be presented in different ways in Computing. The children were able to type & format text, change the design of their presentation, add & format images and alter all different aspects before presenting their work to the class. Some children really excelled and offered some fantastic demonstrations of their computing skills. A huge well done to all of Year 2!


We have thoroughly enjoyed learning all about Kenya. To finish our project, we got to taste some snacks from Kenya! We tried banana crisps, arrowroot chips, beetroot crisps and tikha gathiya. The tikha gathiya were very spicy! We loved the banana crisps best of all.




This special fabric is worn by a tribe in Kenya called the Maasai. Do you like it? 

Safari Project

Year 2 have loved researching Kenyan safari animals in our English and Topic lessons.


We have become animal experts! We worked in groups with other children and shared our research. We used post-it notes to note down interesting facts and organised them into mind-maps. It helped us to plan our work.

Then, we presented our research to the class.


Finally, we wrote an information text all about our animal.

Bonfire Night safety tips

Year 2 have been working in groups to produce some Bonfire Night safety tips for younger children. We were using command sentences.

‘Keep pets indoors!’

‘Wear gloves when you hold a sparkler.’

Happy Bonfire Night, Year 2. Be safe!

Plants and Habitats

In our Science lessons this half term, we have been learning about plants and habitats. We had the opportunity to get some hands-on experience with different bulbs before we went outside and planted the bulbs into our pots. First, we had to empty the pots and this gave us the perfect opportunity to see how the roots of the old plants had developed. We can’t wait to see what our bulbs grow into!

The Enormous Crocodile

Year 2 loved performing the story of the Enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl for our class assembly. The greedy crocodile goes on a hunt for some delicious children to eat. But be careful, Mr. Crocodile, secret plans and clever tricks will catch you out in the end!