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Year 2: Mrs Sidwell

Welcome to our Year 2 page smiley 


We are looking forward to filling this page with lots of photos of our learning time in Year 2. Keep heading back here for frequent updates to find out more about what we have been doing in class smiley

Learning about rock pools.

Science - Hygiene 


Our big question in Science was 'How does 5-a-day keep you healthy?'

We became 'Health Hunters' and looked at ways that we can keep ourselves clean and healthy. We experimented with glitter to show how easy germs can spread. We shared our findings with the class and discussed ideas of how to keep clean.


'My hands are covered in glitter, I need to make sure I give them a good scrub!'

'Look how easily germs can spread!'

History - Queen Elizabeth II 


In history we are learning about what life was like when Queen Elizabeth II came to the throne in 1953. To ignite our interest in this part of history, we made our very own hats for the Queen! This links with the book that we are reading in English, 'The Queen's Hat'.