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Year 3 16/17

Welcome to Year 3


We hope you like our class page, the children have been working very hard to show you what it's like to be in Year 3.

World Book Day

Year 3 had fun going back in time to the Tudor period for World Book Day. Thank you to all parents for our amazing costumes! We got to use the green screen to transport ourselves back in the Tudor times, including visiting an execution site with our Horrible History executioners and Henry VIII posing in a Tudor home with all six of his wives!

British History Week

As part of British History Week, Year 3 learnt about the difference between rich and poor Tudors. We used our art sketch books to draw and label what clothes the different classes wore.  We also drew rich and poor houses and labelled the materials which were used to build them.

Pancakes Day Potions!

During our English lessons, we have been learning how to write instructions. We have been learning what vocabulary is needed to write instructions including imperative verbs, adverbs of manner and adverbs of time. We started this unit by making ordinary pancakes and discussing the importance of writing precise instructions using adverbs of manner.

Then we designed our own pancakes (with a twist!). We stepped into Miss Cogswell’s potion lab to write a set of instructions for a pancake which when eaten would have a nasty consequence! Take a look at some of our gory pancake mixes and our evil potion instructions.

Bramhall Hall Trip

At the start of British History week, we went on a class trip to Bramhall Hall where we spent the day as Tudors. We got to dress up as Masters and Mistresses whilst the teachers were our servants! In the morning, we made nosegays using a mixture of herbs and played traditional Tudor games like coits and shuffleboard. We had a traditional lunch followed by traditional Tudor dancing and music in the afternoon.

Kindness Week

During Kindness Week, we discussed the importance of being kind and came up with our own ideas of what kindness means to us. We also discussed how to show good manners. After sharing our ideas, we wrote our ideas on flowers and displayed them in our Kindness and Manners garden.

Creative Characters

In English, we have been learning how to write character descriptions. To help us get started, we used key questions as subtitles. We put our computing skills to good use by designing a poster to tell the reader about the character. Before making our posters, we discussed effective layouts using text boxes and inserting pictures. Take a look at our characters.

Map Skills

During our Geography lessons we have been learning all about the UK. Using UK maps, we have been able to locate different seas, oceans and rivers in and around the UK. We have also learnt how to locate areas of high ground on a map, so we could find the tallest mountains in the UK.

Shape, Space & Measure

During this half term in Shape Space and Measure, we practised using spring balances to measure the weight of various objects in and around the classroom. After choosing an object to measure, we estimated the objects weight in grams and/or kilograms, then we measured the weight and mass of the object carefully and recorded it in our table. Finally, we calculated how accurate our estimations were by comparing it to the actual recorded weight.


We finished off our Science topic ‘Light’ by experimenting with reflective surfaces and mirrors. First, we used our scientific knowledge of reflective surfaces to predict which surfaces in the classroom would reflect light. We went on to test the different materials around the classroom to see if our predictions were correct. We then learnt about mirrors. To show how images are reflected off mirrored surfaces and into our eyes, we played some mirror games. We had lots of fun writing reflected words and trying to follow a trail using the reflected image in the mirror!


This half term, we have worked through a number of songs on the glockenspiels such as Portsmouth, March of the Golden Guards and Roundabout. We have also had the opportunity to improvise using specific notes to try and create our own piece of music before sharing it with the rest of the class.


In French this half term, we have been busy learning French songs, playing guess who games, counting to 10, naming classroom objects and learning different greetings. We have also been practising writing in French in our vocabulary books. We can now write days of the week, months of the year and colours in French

Terracotta Army

In Art this half term, we have been creating our own Terracotta Army from clay. The Terracotta army are life sized models of soldiers, horses and chariots originally made in Ancient China. First Emperor Qin wanted the army to safeguard and serve him in his afterlife. We made smaller versions using different techniques to manipulate the clay.

Chinese New Year

In preparation for our assembly, we made Chinese lanterns and dragons. We even learnt how to write our names in Chinese!

Our Class Assembly

We had lots of fun rehearsing our class assembly and getting into character. Our assembly was all about Chinese New Year, including the origin story, 'The Great Race'. We also learnt about how Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated. We hope you enjoyed our assembly!

Remembrance day

For Remembrance day, we learnt the history behind this eventful day and presented it in an informative class assembly. In our assembly, we discussed the events leading up to and during WW1, with a focus on the Battle of Somme. We also shared what we had learnt about what the poppy represents, and did a reading of the famous poem ‘Flanders Fields’.  I think you will agree that we have some very talented performers!



One of our favourite parts of the assembly was re-enacting the famous encounters between the British and German soldiers which took place on Christmas Day, 1914.  For this scene, we even learnt the first verse of ‘Silent Night’ in German. This gave us inspiration for our English lessons, and we wrote letters back home to our families from the trenches just after Christmas 1914. We used lots of descriptive language to describe what trench life was really like. Take a look at some of the letters we

World War 2

We stepped back in time and spent the day as WW2 evacuees on a working farm. We learnt all about what life was like as a child in WW2 and even mucked in on the farm. We really enjoyed learning how to milk a cow! We learnt all about rationing and toasted some bread over the fire. It was delicious! We also learnt what to do if there was an air raid including how to set off the air raid siren and where to go. The air raid shelter was dark and scary! Take a look at all the fun we had at Tatton Park; we hope you enjoy our favourite war time song too! 

Prepositional poetry

In English, we have been learning how to write prepositional poems. We went on an Autumn walk to inspire us and used our 5 senses to describe our surroundings. On our Autumn walk, we described where we were walking using prepositional language. Back in the classroom, we planned our poems by drawing a map of where we would like to go on an Autumn walk. Then we wrote our poems and shared them with the class. We hope you enjoy our poetry readings!


This term we have been learning all about Diwali. We have made our own Diva lamps out of clay and researched our favourite Hindu Deities. We also wrote our own version of the story of Rama and Sita. We started our English unit of work by mapping out the story on a story mountain. In final pieces, we used different sentence openers including fronted adverbials. After our story books were complete, we shared them with Reception children.

Estimate Length

In Maths this term, we have been learning how to estimate length. We have been using meter rules to estimate the length of classroom objects. We added markers to signify the quarter, half-way and three-quarter points on the rulers to help us make an appropriate estimation.

Roald Dahl

To celebrate Roald Dahl's centenary, we dressed up as our favourite Roald Dahl characters. Take a look at our fabulous costumes! Can you guess which Roald Dahl book we are from?


In English we wrote character descriptions about the formidable Miss Trunchball and the delightful Miss Honey.

Forces & Magnets

Our Science topic this half term has been Forces and Magnets. We have been investigating friction and how it effects a toy car travelling down a slope. We made sure we were conducting fair tests by using a meter rule to measure the height of the slope. We have also been investigating magnets and experimenting with magnetic and non-magnetic materials.

Fruit & veg art

In our Art lessons this half term, we have been producing images on fruit using different mediums. We have used charcoal to draw pictures of bell peppers and painted a variety of fruits using paint.