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Year 3: Mr Harper

Welcome to our Year 3 Webpage 👋

We are looking forward to filling this page with lots of photos of our learning time in Year 3. Keep heading back here for frequent updates to find out more about what we have been doing in class 😁

How can Usain Bolt move so quickly?

"During the last three weeks we have learnt the different features of a character description. We then created our own final piece describing either Usain Bolt or Izzy Barr. We made sure to collage our characters to match our description. We all enjoyed this lesson a lot!" (AA, Year 3)

What makes the Earth so angry?

"I really enjoyed this lesson because I was able to make my own news report and record it in front of a green screen! We reported on a natural disaster like a volcano eruption and learnt how set out a newspaper report." (PF, Year 3)

Who first lived in Britain?

"For our ignition we became a nomad and we made our own fire to cook a fish and make our own bread. We learnt about who first lived in Britain and how they travelled and survived. We also wrote a non-chronological report about how a nomad lived and created our very own Stone Age art to use as well!" (CW, Year 3)

British Science week 2022

"We have been learning about Ancient Egypt in history and how the Ancient Egyptians created mummies. We experimented with different substances to create the best natron to preserve our pieces of fruit!" (AC, Year 3)

How did that blossom become an apple?

"For this science cycle we investigated how watercress grew in different types of soil. We saw that the watercress grew much better in some soils compared to others. The clay soil was too hard and the chalk soil didn't have enough nutrients. However, the loamy soil absorbed the water and nutrients really well so the watercress could grow well!" (KM, Year 3)