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Year 4: Mr Smart


Science Investigation - Water States of Matter & Creating our own Water Cycle

Today the class created their own version of a mini water-cycle and changed the states of matter within a science investigation. The children used a water bowl, warm water, clingfilm and ice cubes to see the effect it would have within the bowl. The children examined how best this could be completed and placed the ice cubes on the clingfilm, that covered the warm bowl of water. The results showed that there were more than just the one process happening, that many had already predicted - instead there were a number of processes occurring! The children immediately spotted evaporation when the clingfilm was attached to cover the top of the bowl. The children then noticed that condensation was collecting underneath the clingfilm because the water was cooling. Eventually trickles of water began to drop from the clingfilm being cool and this was spotted as precipitation and rain! The final process the children spotted was the melting of the ice cubes (the one that had been predicted the most) on top of the clingfilm.

'Fake News' - English Newspaper Reports Ignition

Today Year 4 started their brand new English cycle - Newspaper Reports. To get into the spirit of reporting, the children played a board game called 'Fake News' whereby they began to learn lots of new newspaper/reporting vocabulary and some news stories and whether they were real or fake! The children had a fantastic time and looked as if they very much enjoyed learning new words and deciding what news stories were real and what stories were fake and how this can be found. 

Children in Need 2021

For Children in Need this year the Year 3 and Year 4 class got together to complete a mile long walk across Newton Park. The children had been collecting sponsorship money in order to raise the money before they took on their task. Well done to all of the children who took part and who raised money to make a difference!

Greek Mythology Writing

In Year 4 over the past few weeks we have been researching, studying and then creating our own Greek Mythology. We have written our own following on from being inspired by stories such as Theseus and the Minotaur and the story of Hercules. It looks like some of children could have wandered into the wrong part of Ancient Athens above!

Greek Gods and Goddesses Trading Cards

For our new topic 'Why did the Ancient Greeks worship their Gods and Goddesses?' the class researched all about the Greek Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology. Once the children had chosen their favourite, they were able to then decide on what it was that made their God or Goddess so special including their personality traits and special or unique powers!

This half-term we have been studying the learning challenge question - 'How were mountains formed?'. We dived further into this question with the sub-question - 'How can we capture the beauty of the mountain regions?'. Firstly we drew the outlines of the mountains followed by hatching them to give them a 3D effect. Afterwards, we used watercolours to paint the sky background before adding in some small features such as stars and outline our work using pens.

Adventure Stories

During the last three weeks we have written our own final piece of mountains adventure stories. We also used a laptop to print a copy of our own front cover for our story. They look very mysterious! We all enjoyed creating them and I can't wait to do another one! (MR, Year 4)

23 Degrees, 5 Minutes

Today in class we created a scene to end the cliffhanger from the film 23 degrees and 5 minute. We acted out the next part of in small teams, putting in lots of action and drama. Me and my team created a tragic ending. As one of the characters fell asleep the others acted out the boys and professor in a dream. It was quite funny when the character woke up, panicked and then fell! (MT, Year 4)


In Year 4 this half-term we have learnt about how to balance using points and patches, how this can be used in a routine including when working with a group and how to use apparatus safely when doing so. Have a look at some of our wonderful still poses!

Grouping Organisms

Today in geography we grouped organisms and placed animals into categories. My tables categories were on land, on sea, eats meat or eats plants. We had to cut out and glue the organisms into either a Venn diagram and a Carroll diagram. (JC, Year 4)