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Change 4 Life – Making a Difference

In Autumn 2015, Park Road set out on a mission to inspire children who felt disengaged from sport or that felt they would like to help the school spread the message of healthy lifestyles to their peers and classmates. The Change 4 Life Club began meeting every week to discuss what decisions they could make with regards to their diet, what changes children across the school could make and how the food & drink we consume can affect us in different ways.

One of our Change 4 Life Champions was Katie in Year 4. Katie’s enthusiasm for food and drink shone through in each session and the message she wanted to represent grew louder and stronger. Within all of this Katie’s confidence grew within her own healthy lifestyle choices including sugar alternatives and ensuring a balanced diet.


The C4L Club began to move onto other healthy lifestyle choices including physical activity and exercise. Topics covered included ‘How much exercise would it take in order to burn off different types of food or drink?’ and ‘How much exercise is needed for children?’ The social skills and confidence that Katie developed from this became a greater interest and in the summer term Katie was asked to be a Sports Leader for Year 4 and demonstrate various skills to her peers.


The techniques learnt in PE lessons and after-school clubs began to shine through clearly and at the beginning of Year 5 Katie began training for the Park Road Academy Girl’s Football Team and Netball Team. Katie was shortly recognised as a very compact shot-stopper and an excellent passer of a football before being chosen as first choice goalkeeper for the girl’s football team. She represented the team at the October Wellington Football Tournament helping the side finish 3rd at the event. She has gone on to further this appearance by playing in goal for boy’s teams during training sessions and represent the school again at the Girl’s Football Altrincham Indoor Competition. She hopes to continue her progress in healthy lifestyles & sport whilst continuing to spread the C4L message when she makes the move into Year 6.

Rounders Tournament – Tuesday 20th June

This past Tuesday afternoon, the Year 6 rounders team took part in the South Trafford Rounders tournament. The team managed to play two excellent games of rounders and competed throughout displaying excellent sportsmanship & fantastic integrity. Well done to all of those children who participated and represented Park Road Academy so admirably.

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Sports Day 2017

Just before the half-term break, Park Road Academy gathered out on to the field ready for a morning and afternoon of competitive races in our traditional Sports Day. The morning featured our Year 1, 2 & 3 classes racing in a variety of events such as the egg and spoon race, the skipping race, sprint, the bean bag race and the sack race! The afternoon featured similar races with our Year 4, 5 & 6 classes. This year’s Sports Day saw lots of competition from all of the houses this year as children from all classes went forward to represent their class and earn points for Dunham, Lyme, Tatton and Heaton. The children were also treated to a parents egg and spoon race that showed some wonderful spirit and excellent focus and concentration. A big well done to all of the competitors!

Dance Accreditation Assembly 2017

On Thursday 25th May, ABCD Dance and Drama School & Park Road Academy were proud to present The NATD Frances Dawson Award to 28 children across Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. The children worked incredibly hard the Spring term in preparation for their Dance exam and completed the assessment in March. Some very talented children across Key Stage 2 managed to earn scores of over 90 out of 100 during their exam. A wonderful achievement and a huge well done to everyone who took part in the assessment.


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Multi-Skills Days 2017

During School Sports Week all classes at Park Road Academy took part in a Multi-Skills Day designed for their class. The carousel included lots of different sports activities as groups went round earning points for their house teams, Heaton, Dunham, Tatton and Lyme.  Everybody had a chance to participate in netball shooting, javelin throwing, taking on the obstacle course, egg and spoon hurdles, penalty shootout, bean bag target throwing and the standing long jump. Well done to all those children who took part in the events and earned points for their house.

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Judo Assembly – Friday 19th May

During Friday morning, Key Stage 2 were treated to a very special assembly from Judo Education. Some very lucky volunteers were put through their paces using various judo, skills and techniques that are used in sessions. The children enjoyed being tested with reactions, balance and discipline throughout a very unique assembly. Judo will be starting after our summer half-term on Tuesday 13th June between 1.15pm -2.15pm.

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FA Cup Trip – Monday 8th May

On Monday afternoon, nine lucky children were selected to go to Altrincham FC at the J.Davidson Stadium to see and have pictures taken with the FA Cup trophy. The children were also lucky enough to meet and share a ‘question & answer’ session with Anthony Taylor, this year’s match official referee for the FA Cup Final on Saturday 27th May. The children enjoyed asking a variety of intriguing and thoughtful questions to Anthony who gave the children an insight into the life of a Premier League and UEFA referee.

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Trafford Dodgeball Competition 2017

On Friday 12th May a selection of Year 5 children attended the Trafford Dodgeball Competition at Stretford Leisure Centre. The children were up against some very well trained Year 5 & 6 children from all across a variety of Trafford schools. The Park Road Academy team really enjoyed the competition and battled bravely against children older than themselves in some tremendously heated matches. A huge well done to all those children who represented Park Road Academy!

Altrincham Town FC Summer Community Cup 2017

On Tuesday 2nd May 2017, Year 3 and Year 4 represented Park Road Academy at the Altrincham Town FC Community Cup at the J.Davidson Stadium. The children had a fun-filled and very active afternoon competing in the Community Cup tournament.

Our Year 3’s really enjoyed the competitive nature of the tournament and showed fantastic sportsmanship throughout all of their games.

The Year 4’s had an excellent tournament with some great results, winning 2-1, 1-0 and drawing 0-0 in their group games.  The team managed to make it to the final with a hard-fought 1-0 win in the semi-final against Broadheath.  The team unfortunately lost in the final on penalties to Stamford Park after a colossal game that had both teams striving for the trophy.

Congratulations to all the players that represented both year groups. Mr Richards and Mr Smart were extremely proud of both teams! Well done!

Big Pedal Week 2017

During the last two weeks of the Spring term, the children of Park Road Academy competed in a national cycling and scooting competition. The children were encouraged to come to school on bikes and scooters rather than in cars to inspire healthy and active lifestyles amongst children, parents and carers. Over the two weeks the children came on two wheels rather than four in their masses with some very impressive numbers despite some more than questionable weather during the first week. The figures below show our final results from the best five days of pedalling. A brilliant 780 Journeys being made, 7.14% of parents or carers & a huge 35.43% of children making their way to school on two wheels! Well done to everybody who took part.


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Intra-School Sport Competition – Key Stage 1 & 2 

This half-term Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2 children have worked on a variety of different sports skills and techniques including balance, coordination, striking and teamwork. They put all of these skills into action and tested themselves against others in a variety of challenges. The children worked with and against other children across Year 1 and 2, Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6 in their house groups and displayed great commitment and teamwork throughout!


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Inclusion Festival 2017

On Wednesday 22nd March, Park Road Academy attended a sports inclusion festival ran at Manor Academy. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed a variety of activities and sports that included tennis balancing, sit down volleyball, tag rugby, hockey, parachute ball and relay races. The children had to use balance, coordination, speed and agility to compete in the activities as well as social communication and teamwork.

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Boy’s Football League Games - 03.03.17

Park Road 0 – 2 Broadheath

An early setback for Park Road against a team that had won the Indoor Year 6 tournament the day before. We conceded early on by a goal driven into the near post of Oliver. But Park Road responded strongly and held Broadheath to only a one goal lead at half time. We created a chance which slightly missed the post. Again we conceded again just after half time leaving their striker on a hat trick. We played well and managed to hold them to 2 – 0.


Park Road 2 – 1 Navigation

We started well and created a few chances and it paid off with Lumbani playing a ball across the penalty area which Danny right footed it from close range to put us 1 – 0 up. Soon after half time Park Road struck again with a calm finish by Taanish. A nervous wait as Navigation’s pressure mounted and resulted in a goal 3 minutes from time. Finally the referee blew his whistle meaning we had won our first league match of the season.


Park Road 1 – 1 Heyes Lane

A good start for Park Road with Lumbani slotting past the goalkeeper after an excellent long pass from the defence. But Heyes Lane being the team they are were going to fight to stay in the match and after many attacks scored from a good volley with 3 and a half minutes left. Park Road tried their hardest but couldn’t score a winner against the strong Heyes Lane defence.

On behalf of the team we would like to thank Mr Smart and Mr Sidwell for taking us to the match.


Written by Freddie and Alexander of Year 5

Girl’s Football - Indoor Competition 2017

On Thursday 16th March the Year 5 and 6 Girl’s Football Team went to an indoor tournament at Altrincham Leisure Centre. The first match we played was against Heyes Lane and unfortunately we lost 3-0. We then played Altrincham CofE and the score was 3-1, Nancy scored the goal for our team. The third match we played was against Bolin and we managed to draw 0-0. At this point we didn’t know if we were going to make it to the semi-final. Against Broomwood we drew 0-0. Overall, we came 6th place out of 10. We would like to thank Mr Smart for taking us to the tournament and Altrincham Leisure Centre for hosting it.

By Evie and Katy of Year 6

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Year 5 & 6 Sportshall Athletics

On Wednesday 25th January the Year 5 and 6 Athletics Team went to Ashton-on-Mersey School for an athletics competition. There were six different schools competing. The track events that we competed in were: 2 lap relay, 4 lap relay, 6 lap relay, an obstacle relay and the over and under relay. We also competed in the field events such as; javelin, speed bounce, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump and chest push.


We all performed to the best of our ability and came 1st in the standing long jump and 1st in the vertical jump too! Overall the team finished 5th.

The team would like to thank Mr Smart and Miss Hart for taking us to the athletics competition and for Ashton-on-Mersey for helping organise the event.

Written by Evie (Year 6)

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words...




A picture speaks a thousand words - and in this case, perfectly demonstrates why we do what we do.

This photo was captured of Blythe, clutching her Premier Sport trophy that she'd won that day, in her sleep. Blythe's mum sent the photo to her Premier Activity Professional, Josh Pennington, along with these wonderful words of appreciation...

"I just wanted to say a personal thank you, as Blythe is not naturally coordinated and she has to work very hard to copy things. We have had her doing lots of different classes, some of which she has asked to give up because we think she felt self conscious and she couldn't keep up. However, she loves multi sports, and tells us all the games that you play and they make her brain work, and she really has fun. The first time she came home with a certificate last term she was delighted, so proud, and we were made up for her, and it was an even bigger deal. Keep up the fun!"   Paul and Bernie - Parents

Activity Professional, Josh Pennington, was truly touched by this...

"It was brilliant to hear such great feedback as this is the kind of thing that inspires us to do what we do, and it's nice for the appreciation to be shown and know that we are impacting the lives of children!" Josh Pennington - Activity Professional

Headteacher, Rachael McKinlay, at Blythe's school had this to say about the impact Josh and the Premier Sport team have had on the children at their school...

"We are very proud of the progress that the children are demonstrating through the many different sports and activities that Josh and Premier Sport have offered the school. The children look forward to each lesson and work hard to develop and learn new skills each week. The love of sport can be seen in every child across the school, which is certainly reflected in the fantastic picture of one of our pupils." Rachael McKinlay - Head Teacher


Article written by Premier Education Group

Swimming Gala 2017


Year 4 and Year 5 pupils attended the Trafford Swimming Gala on 13th January at Sale Leisure Centre. The children had a choice of what swimming stroke they wanted to do. The first race was freestyle 1, the second one was backstroke, the third one was breaststroke and the last one was freestyle 2. Then, there was a final freestyle relay race, so swimmers could do whatever stroke they wanted. It was great fun!


The boys and girls both came 8th out of 12 teams. The boys were only 2 points away from 7th. Both teams faced a very big challenge. All teams should be congratulated, as all teams swam very well. The girls earned 31 points and all did very well.  The boys earned 32 points.


I think I speak on behalf of the whole team, when I say, we would like to thank Mr Smart for organising this opportunity.


Written by DW in Year 5

A special visit from Lancashire County Cricket Club


Park Road Academy received a very special visit from Lancashire County Cricket Club including guests such as England & Lancashire Thunder cricket player Kate Cross and LCCC’s very own mascot, Lanky the Giraffe.

The children were treated to a very insightful question and answer session with Kate Cross discussing different routes into sport, the commitment that is required to be an elite athlete and the benefits that can come from sport and physical activity.

The assembly also got active when the children were taught some of the key actions and signals that are included in the game of cricket by officials in the form of a dance with Lanky the Giraffe!

League Cup 1st Round 2016

Park Road Academy 2 - 1 Cloverlea

Park Road Academy played Cloverlea in the League Cup 1st Round and managed to win the game in extra time thanks to some brilliance by LZ. The first half had both teams struggling to hit the target. After half time Park Road went close, but LZ scored from the edge of the box. Soon after a lot of Cloverlea corners and pressure they finally scored a deflected goal, 1-1. The game commenced to extra time. In late extra time FL ran up the pitch and squared it to LZ who chipped the goalkeeper, 2-1! The football team would like to thank the teachers who took us to the game and Cloverlea Primary School for hosting us.


By FL and AN – Year 5

Wellington Boys Football Tournament – 4.10.16


Bollin 2 – 0 Park Road

We played one of the toughest oppositions in the league. The games were 8 minutes long and we held them for 7 minutes until they broke through and scored twice in quick succession. We created some great chances but Bollin were just too good in this game

Navigation 1 – 0 Park Road

We were matching up to Navigation for 5 minutes until a quick counter attack down the right hand side surprised us and battled through the defence and a good low attempt across the goal went past Daniel. We almost got an equaliser with a top corner effort from LZ but the goalkeeper tipped it over the bar.

Willows 0 – 1 Park Road                                

In this game we played extremely well against the Willows with long range attempts from our midfielder and strikers with one of them finding its way in from LZ. It came from a pass from the defence to LZ who hit it in from 17 yards out.  This victory sent the Willows home.

Stamford Park 1 – 0 Park Road

This was a mixed game and we nearly held them to a 0 – 0 draw. Stamford Park scored when a long throw went pass our defence and their striker half volleyed it in. There was some great football from all of the team.

Bollin 4 – 0 Park Road                

Bollin had got into their winning stride when we played them. An extremely talented player scored a hattrick which took the game away from us. We were playing well until they scored the first goal and that triggered the collapse. That meant we would play Navigation in the third place play off.

Navigation 1 – 0 Park Road       

This was one of the most challenging matches we played with both teams playing 100% to win the match for third place. We had a few shots early on but as the game progressed we lost energy and struggled to keep pace with the game. Navigation scored with a powerful shot hit well past Daniel. We couldn’t score but we tried our best.

We would like to thank Mr Smart for taking us to Wellington and entering us in the tournament.


Report written by FL and AN of Year 5.

Intra-School Sport Competition - Key Stage 2

Over the past few weeks in PE and Sport lessons Key Stage 2 children have been learning about strategies and tactics in a competitive environment and how these influence and affect a game. On Thursday the children put their learning into action in a football competition and competed in their house groups and between different year groups. The games saw plenty of action and goals as Year 3 & 4 and Year 5 & 6 battled it out amongst the house groups in short and small-sided games. A huge well done to all those children who competed and showed such wonderful commitment for their teams and houses!

Intra-School Sport Competition - Key Stage 1

​This half-term Key Stage 1 children have worked on a variety of different sports skills and techniques including balance, coordination, spee,d and safety. They put all of these skills into action and tested themselves against others in a variety of challenges. The children worked with and against other children across Year 1 and 2 in their house groups and displayed great commitment and teamwork throughout!

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Wellington Girls Football Tournament – 4.10.16

On Tuesday 11th October the girl’s football team went to Wellington School to play in a football tournament. The first match we played against Willows and won 1-0 with Nancy scoring the one goal. Unfortunately, we lost the second game 2-0 to Navigation who played really well. The third game we played we drew 0-0 against Bollin that we worked really hard to achieve. A few minutes later we found out that we got into the semi-finals and but then we lost against Bowden CofE 3-0. Then because we lost in the semi-finals we went into the third place playoff and we lost 2-0 against Stamford Park but were extremely pleased with our semi-final finish!


We all want to say a big thank you to Mr Smart and Miss Hart for taking us to the football tournament.


Written by Nancy and Katie of Year 5.