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Choir 2019/20

Irish Music Festival - 10th March 2020

Today, the choir attended the Irish Music Festival at the Irish World Heritage Centre in Manchester. It was a great way to find out more about Irish culture and develop our music skills. We took part in fun workshops where we learnt some Irish dances, sang popular Irish songs and even had a go at playing some songs on the fiddle! All of this led to a brilliant music show in the afternoon, which we took part in. What a great experience!

Young Voices

Once again our KS2 choir took to the Phones 4U Arena stage, where they joined in with thousands of other children, to be part of the Young Voices Choir. They sang their hearts out and performed dance moves to a variety of musical styles. The atmosphere was electric and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I really enjoy going to choir! It’s a chance to learn how to sing, but also a great opportunity to go on some school trips, which are all very exciting.


Our choir leader, Miss Lee, is always really fair and gives everybody equal opportunities to take part.  My favourite trip so far has been our visit to Young Voices. This year, we are also going to be singing at the Summer fair! It’s always good to freshen your mind with some lovely tunes!

By Amy, Year 4