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Meet our elected School Council Representatives 2022/23  














"Our aim is to make school an even better place. We are going to listen to pupil suggestions and find out what improvements we could make. We want to start some new, exciting rewards to encourage positive behaviour around school even more. We also want to work with the Eco Council to help keep our school tidy and make it look even better. We are excited to organise fundraising events and want to support more local charities near Timperley."- The School Council

KS2 Debate Club

Join us on Mondays at 12:45pm in the Club Room for our weekly debate






Comic Relief 

17th March 2023

Today we raised money for the charity Comic Relief. Our school voted to have a Danceathon. After our School Council Comic Relief assembly, Nursery started our Danceathon. Each class took turns to dance throughout the whole school day. We even had groups of pupils who took turns to dance during break and lunch! We also got to wear our own clothes and 'Dress for Joy'. Together we raised a fantastic £349 and had a lot of fun! 

Festive Jumper Day


Thursday 15th December 2022

Today, we celebrated Christmas by wearing our festive jumpers and having a delicious Christmas dinner. Everyone had a great day together.

Children in Need 2022




Friday 18th November 2022


Our school voted to have a pyjama day to raise money for Children in Need. The School Council planned and led an exciting assembly for the whole school. We found out about where the money raised for Children in Need goes. We saw how the charity's money helped Jodie to make friends, gain confidence and skills she never thought she would be able to at her local boxing club. We also loved finding out more about Pudsey Bear.


Pumpkin Carving Competition




















Monday 17th October 2022


Lots of pupils suggested that we should have our pumpkin carving competition again this year. We decided to hold it on the same day as our after-school Halloween disco. The pumpkins were amazing and created a fantastic autumn atmosphere around school. Well done to our winners and all who entered. You did a fantastic job!

Macmillan Coffee Morning






Friday 30th September 2022


We hosted a coffee morning for our families to raise money for Macmillan. It was great to see the many parents and grandparents that came for a hot drink and cake. We held a Bake Off competition for our classmates and received lots of amazing cake donations for our coffee morning. Everyone commented on how delicious the cakes were. It was very difficult to choose the winners! Pupils also got to enjoy a cake at break time in exchange for a donation. We had lots of fun raising money for Macmillan and helping people with cancer.



Your School Council Representatives 2021/22

Macmillan Coffee Morning


We were delighted to  host a Coffee Morning for parents to raise money for Macmillan.

Pupils entered our Bake Off competition and baked cakes for parents to enjoy. The cakes were amazing and parents really enjoyed them so it was a difficult task to judge the winners. Pupils were also able to enjoy a cake at break time. 

Autumn Celebration



Today, we had our autumn celebration. We enjoyed wearing autumn colours and taking part in autumn activities. We ran two exciting competitions for pupils to take part in. Our pumpkin carving competition produced many amazing pumpkins that we displayed around our school. Our spooky cup competition was great fun and we sold the fantastic cups for a donation towards school resources. A huge thank you to all who entered our competitions and donated. You all did a great job and it was extremely difficult for the School Council to decide the winners and runners-up.



Your School Council Representatives 2020/21


This year's representatives meet weekly via Zoom to discuss school and community issues. They feedback the suggestions of their classmates and discuss ideas for school improvements. They also research and share fundraising ideas for causes that they feel are important.


Your School Council Chairperson









































Red Nose Day

Friday 19th March 2021

We all had a great time dressing up in our wackiest clothes for Red Nose Day. We organised a joke telling competition for each class and the winners shared their jokes in our School Council virtual assembly. We discussed the important charity work that Comic Relief does. Together, we raised a fantastic £428.

Festive Jumper day

11th December 2020


Today, we had our Christmas dinner which was delicious.

We all wore our festive jumpers which made our celebration really fun.


Pyjama Day for Children in Need

13th November 2020


On Friday, the whole school loved wearing their pyjamas in exchange for a donation to Children in Need. 













Autumn Treat Raffle

30th October 2020


Thank you for all of the amazing treat cups that you brought in. There were some amazing autumn designs and it was very hard to choose the design winners. We had lots of fun during the raffle and everyone loved their treat cup prizes. Thank you for your raffle ticket donations. We really appreciate it and it will help us to buy new things for schools, such as dictionaries and books. We are asking pupils to complete a questionnaire to help us to decide how to spend your kind donations.


By Imogen

Macmillan Afternoon Tea

25th September 2020


In exchange for a donation, we were allowed to bring in a treat to eat on the field.

Thank you for all of your donations, we raised a whopping £562.50! The money that we have raised is going to Macmillan Cancer Support to provide emotional, financial, medical and practical support for people affected by cancer.


By Amartya




Your Pupil Voice Representatives 2019/20



Chairperson: Josh

Vice-Chair: Rose

"Hi, I’m Josh. I am happy I was elected as School Council Chairperson. I like to help others, especially younger children. I have experience in helping younger children at Ju-jitsu; the teacher trusts me to support them. I am also good at leading others and I am leader at Cubs. I think I will make a good Chairperson because I am keen to make our school an even better place. I would like to work with the Vice Chairperson to improve the habitats of our school pets. I am keen to organise more events to raise money for charity and to celebrate important British events."

"Hi, I’m Rose. I think I will make a great Vice Chairperson for the School Council because I am a very caring person. I have been a Well-being Warrior for two years; I love to help children get through their tough times and see them happy. I can’t wait to organise some fun events for pupils at the school. I’m going to make a new suggestion box for pupils to put their suggestions in. I love animals and would like to see more pets at Park Road. I think pets can help children to learn more about the world and how to care for others."



Your Pupil Voice representatives 2018/19


This year, we have elected a Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson of Pupil Voice!

Ella says...   Arthur says...
 I am very proud to have been elected Chairperson of the School Council. I feel it is an important role because I can help to improve the school for everyone. I think I will make a great Chairperson because I am good at leading others. I like to get involved in new activities and listen to new ideas. I am excited to organise events to raise money for charity. I am keen to encourage classes to work more closely together, so that we can all get to know each other better and support one another.
 I am happy that I got elected as School Council Vice Chairperson. I like to help others and try to make this school an even better place. I am also good at leading others and have experience from being an Eco Warrior. I hope I make a good Vice Chairperson. I would like to achieve a great amount of money for charity and help to raise money to save children from cancer and other illnesses.

Macmillan Coffee Morning –

28th September 2018


You said- “We want to take part in Macmillan Coffee Morning to raise money for charity.”

Last Friday, we hosted our Macmillan Coffee Morning at school. Lots of pupils made some amazing cakes for us to sell. There were cakes everywhere! Some parents came to have a cake and cup of coffee, which was nice. Pupils had their cakes at break time. I had a delicious green cake. There were lots of cakes left over so we sold them in the playground after school. I really enjoyed selling the cakes. We raised £404.25 to help people with cancer.

By Zachary


At Park Road Academy, our children are the most important people. We believe that their voice is invaluable. Our elected School Council Representatives meet weekly to discuss class and whole school issues. They bring to the meetings suggestions from their classmates on how to improve our school. Our Representatives work together to organise fundraising events to raise money for a variety of charities. They enthusiastically plan assemblies to inform their peers and teachers about issues that are important to them.

Emoji Egg Decorating Competition

As part of our Easter celebrations this year, we held an egg decorating competition. We put the theme to a vote and the school decided the theme should be emojis.


Have a look at some of our fantastic creations!

Lego Club

Our lunch time Lego Club is very popular at the moment. We have seen some great team work to complete our Lego challenges. Well done to all pupils who have already received a Lego Master Builder certificate.

Imagination Club

It has been great to see pupils taking turns to enjoy a story at break times. Some of our older pupils have been reading to children in KS1. Some of our Year 2 pupils have also been reading to pupils from Reception. After the stories, pupils have been acting out their favourite parts. They have even started to use props and their imagination to create their own wonderful stories. We are looking forward to sharing some of these fun ideas with the Teaching and Learning Committee.

St Alban’s Christmas Tree Festival

We loved visiting St Alban’s church to set up our ‘Helping Hands’ tree for their Christmas Tree Festival. We were very proud of the decorations made by everyone at our school. It was great to read the messages that pupils had written about how they had helped someone during our Helping Hands week.


Pumpkin Festival- 1st November 2017

Yesterday, we had our Pumpkin Festival. Some of the School Council played pumpkin games at lunch time with the children. We had ‘Stick the Stalk on the Pumpkin’, ‘Pumpkin Feet’ and some craft activities. We also had a Pumpkin Carving Competition to raise money for Once Upon a Smile. All of the entries were very creative. They were so superb that it was very hard to choose the winners. We raised £55.80. Thank you for your kind donations.

Macmillan Coffee Morning – 4th October 2017

​​​​On Friday we raised money for Macmillan. We had a coffee morning for parents and friends of Park Road. We were pleased to see lots of friendly faces. We had a cake sale for all of the children in school. Thank you for all of the amazing cake donations, they were delicious! We raised a huge £258.66 to help people with cancer. Well done everyone!


Changes to Lunch time menus

New lunch time clubs

Some pupils suggested that we could have some new clubs at lunch times. We asked pupils what they would like to do and set up new clubs for lunch times. We enjoy running the clubs because we love the activities too. The activities help to us keep fit and healthy. They also help us to make new friends. 

Egg Decorating Competition - 31st March 2017

Today, we judged the Mr Men and Little Miss decorated eggs. The entries were fantastic and it was great to see such a wide variety of characters. It took us a long time to choose the winners and runners up. Well done to everyone that entered!


Here are our two winners with their very creative entries:



Red Nose Day- 24th March 2017

Today, we raised money for Comic Relief by dressing up as our favourite ‘noses’. Everybody made a huge effort to dress up so we gave out lots of ‘best dressed nose’ certificates. We put on an assembly to inform everyone about Red Nose Day and why it is important to fundraise. We also had lots of funny moments to laugh at in the assembly, which was great because we found out that laughing actually increases our immune cells! Well done to all pupils who got up on stage to tell a joke in our Comedy Battle, especially Year 5 who were our Comedy Battle Champions. Together we raised an impressive £187. 

Our 'Family' Christmas Tree

On Thursday 1st December, we went to St Alban’s church to set up our family themed Christmas tree. It took a long time to decorate because we had lots of lovely decorations, which were made by all of our pupils. Many people at St Alban’s told us that our tree looked wonderful and thanked us for contributing to their tree festival. Thank you for your decorations and have a Merry Christmas!

By Vince

Festive Jumper Day - 14th December 2016

The whole school were excited to wear their festive jumpers and we saw a great variety. Everyone loved getting together to eat their Christmas dinner and sing along to the Christmas songs. A great day was had by all and we were able to raise some money for Save the Children. We hope that this will help to bring a smile to less fortunate children.

British Heart Foundation Dodgeball Workshop - 31st October 2016

Our dodgeball workshops were great fun and helped us to learn more about the brilliant game. We also enjoyed working with the sports leaders to organise the workshops and gain new ideas. We are certainly looking forward to continuing our dodgeball matches at lunch times which will help us to stay healthy. We raised an impressive £235 in total. £188 has been sent to the British Heart Foundation and £47 (20%) will go towards more sports equipment for our school, as suggested by the British Heart Foundation.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Our coffee morning was a HUGE success. We had a great variety of delicious cakes to sell thanks to everybody’s superb baking. It was very hard to choose our star bakers as everyone had made such a great effort. Well done to Isabel and Sebastian who were chosen by our judges. We hope that our parents enjoyed themselves and we would like to thank them for donating so generously. We certainly enjoyed our cakes! Together, we raised £333 for Macmillan.