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Year 6 Uniform Proposal

Dear Parents/Carers,


As many of you will be aware, we have been considering a slight change in uniform for our Year 6 children. We are at the stage where we extend our consultation to the wider school community.

From speaking to our children, it is clear that we would all like our Year 6s to have a greater say in shaping the school and to develop their role as mentors to the younger pupils. Not only would this be of great benefit to our school community, it will also help our older children understand the importance of responsibility and leadership.


We feel it is right to mark this change to their status with a slight evolution of their school uniform. From September we would like Year 6s to wear a shirt and tie, rather than just a polo shirt. This would be accompanied by the jumpers and cardigans that they already wear.


While this may only seem like a small change, we think differentiating our Year 6s from the rest of the school will help give them the confidence to take the initiative on wider school issues and will mark them out from our younger pupils. It is also fantastic preparation for their move to their next schools, with one less change to worry about and recognises that the children are growing up.


We recognise the cost implication for a year of change; therefore, we will offer each child going into Year 6 two shirts and a tie free of charge, courtesy of our Chair of Trustees.


The proposed uniform is on display in our waiting area in the reception, if you are keen to see what this looks like, please do pop in and have your say. I am aware that many of you might not be able to pop in therefore; I have included photographs below.


The governing body will make a final decision, taking into account all of the feedback obtained, by 3pm on Friday 13thJuly 2018. If you haven’t shared your thoughts already, and you would like to, please do so by 9am on Friday 13 July. As always, your views are more than welcome.


Kind regards,

Miss Kerry Hart

Our proposed new school uniform on display in the school foyer. We have also modelled an example of the easy-dressing shirt for parents and children to try for themselves!