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Welcome to the Early Years Curriculum 

At Park Road Academy we want our children to be happy, confident and to develop a real thirst for learning.  


We provide our children with a safe and stimulating environment in which to learn and explore and our aim is to foster children's independence, individual needs and interests in order to enable them to reach their full potential. 


Children have lots of opportunities to to facilitate their own learning through carefully resourced provision areas and adults support children through high quality interactions that challenge thinking and extend learning. 


Through play-based learning and topics we endeavor to provide each child with a range of opportunities which stimulate their creativity and support their development based on their likes and interests. 


We value the importance of the outdoor environment in order for children to develop their thinking. problem solving and collaborative skills. 

... Story Time ... 


In the early years we instil in all children a love of books from a range of genres, to develop a fascination for stories, a desire to find out information and a passion for poetry and rhyme. By asking thought-provoking questions and encouraging discussion, we can also use reading aloud to develop children’s skills of empathy and understanding which they can apply in everyday life. Familiarity with a range of stories and genres is particularly beneficial, presenting opportunities for children to join in excitedly with repeated phrases, to sequence events and to discuss similarities and differences, building their language skills as they share vocabulary with one and other. Through these experiences, our children will develop a sound understanding of story structure, which will support them to become imaginative story-tellers and fluent, fearless readers.

... Areas of Provision EYFS Learning Outcomes ...


Continuous provision offers the children chance to engage in hands on play based activities which they can access whenever they choose. 


Continuous provision can enable children to explore recent learning, practice new skills and follow their own interests, both in and out doors. 


Staff will often enhance the provision areas to make links to adult led learning. This gives teachers the opportunity to introduce their adult led activities, being sure that children have ample opportunities to practise and improve skills, knowledge and confidence in active independent learning.

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