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Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing


Positive Mental Health & Wellbeing

At Park Road Academy Primary School, we strive to support the emotional health and wellbeing of our pupils and staff. We recognise that everyone experiences life challenges and as a result, anyone may need additional emotional support.


At our school we:

  • help children to understand their emotions and feelings.
  • help children feel comfortable sharing any concerns or worries.
  • help children socially to form and maintain relationships.
  • promote self esteem and ensure children know that their thoughts and opinions are valued.
  • help children to develop emotional resilience and to manage setbacks through developing a Growth Mindset.


We offer different levels of support:

Universal Support- To meet the needs of all our pupils through our school ethos and our wider curriculum.


Additional support- For those who may have short term needs and those who may have been made vulnerable by life experiences.


Targeted support- For pupils who need more differentiated support and resources or specific targeted interventions such as wellbeing groups or personal mentors.



Lead staff members: Miss Fenner (Y1) and Mrs Morris (Pupil Premium)

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